Church History

The ministry was established in the early 1960’s as the Bible Way Holiness Church under
the leadership of the late Elder Randolph “Hurricane” and Mother Dorothy Jackson.
Services were held from house to house for a while and God’s anointing was so powerful
that people were standing on the outside trying to get in. Many times services lasted until
after midnight. The ‘house to house’ prayer band eventually heard of a building for rent,
on Daniel Morgan Avenue in Spartanburg. They rented it and began holding services
there. Everywhere they went, the ministry attracted crowds and the services were
standing room only. Even the church on Daniel Morgan Avenue was filled to capacity,
thus seeing the need to start saving money in order to build a new church. The spirit of
God led Bishop Randolph Jackson to walk across the ground he wanted to build a church
on. He took a Joshua walk in the area where the church now sits. There were those who
made it difficult for them to purchase the land, but God honors His word and, in the winter
of 1965, construction of the new church began, and in the Spring of 1966 the saints
conducted their first church service. Many miracles took place and some family members
were healed while others were delivered from various addictions. Sunday night services
were soon filled to capacity with many onlookers who found they enjoyed the services so
much, they found it hard to leave. Many said, “those Bible Way people are crazy, but yet
they came to the services and some of those same people eventually yielded to the
preached word of God and received the baptism in Jesus name, were filled with the Holy
Ghost and became a part of the Bible Way Family. Groundbreaking ceremony for our
present edifice in which we now worship took place on September 1983 and dedicated
November 2, 1991 with Apostle Lawrence G. Campbell officiating. A few years following
this, God directed Bishop Jackson to change the church name to Greater Bible Way
Tabernacle Miracle Temple. It was unanimously voted on and adopted.
Our founding pastor was a man of great faith and became a national evangelist who
traveled throughout the United States, and earned the nickname, “Hurricane/Thunderbolt”
Jackson. After a long illness, Bishop Randolph Jackson went on to be with the Lord,
October 31, 1999. Before leaving, he made known his wishes that the Assistant Pastor
(District Elder Willie E. Rookard); now Apostle, become pastor of our church.
This church’s goals are to reach out to Inman and surrounding communities, enriching
the lives of many, teaching them to become purpose driven!


Christian Education
9:15 am

Morning Worship
10:00 am

Bible Study
8:30 pm

Communion Service
(1st Sunday of each month)
09:00 am

109 Clark Road
Inman, SC 29349


Mailing Address
P.O. Box 954
Inman, SC 29349


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